What We DO

Water Seepage Inspection

Water Seepage Investigation

Water seepage starts as a minor issue, but if neglected, it may worsen, resulting in potentially severe damage to the building structure with costly consequences. It is a common problem facing many property owners and dwellers, causing inconveniences and damages.

Our team can detect and resolve water seepages because of their vast experience in the waterproofing industry dealing with construction details and waterproofing systems. We systematically investigate water seepage and recommend the appropriate remedial works to rectify the problem.

Periodic Façade Inspection (PFI) and Periodic Structural Inspection (PSI)

Periodic Facade Inspection (PFI) building survey was introduced to help building owners verify the integrity of the building façade and to address any deterioration promptly, thus ensuring public safety.

With our team of Certified Façade Inspectors (FI), we can deploy drones with cutting-edge high-resolution visual and thermal cameras to accurately scan the exterior of buildings. Our IRATA Rope Access Technicians can undertake inspections where gondolas and boom lifts are impossible.

Periodic Structural Inspection (PSI) building Survey is required to ensure that buildings are adequately maintained, continue to be safe for their intended use and occupation, and do not pose a safety risk to the occupants and members of the public.

Facade Inspection and Cleaning

Building Surveys

We undertake Building Surveys pragmatically with detailed data collection to processing into constructive information for our clients.

  • Building Condition Assessments Survey (NEN 2767)
  • Building Defects Survey
  • Pre & Post Construction Condition Surveys
  • Dilapidation Survey
  • Thermography Scanning Survey
Building Condition Survey
Consulting Services

Project Management Consultancy

Pre-Empt Building Surveyors offer project management consultancy services for;

  • Repair & Repainting (R & R)
  • Waterproofing
  • Addition & Alteration
  • Car Park / Driveway Resurfacing
  • General Works

As part of Assessment of the our service, we seek to deliver quality and value to our client by optimizing our technical knowledge and experience in every aspect of the project scope of work, ensuring delivery within the budget and dateline.

Expert Witness

Where expert witness services are required, our Chartered Building Surveyor (RICS) can represent you as your expert witness to provide technical advisory on dispute resolution matters at mediation and arbitration proceedings.

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